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logo1me-as-kilroy1Clayton Callahan is a science fiction writer, game designer and all around devotee of geek culture. This site is dedicated to promoting all things good in those fields. From gaming to galaxy spanning fiction, this site covers it all. Clayton is the sole proprietor of Quick & Easy Games and this site also serves as an outlet for those products.

Since 2007 Quick and Easy Games has created games that are low in cost but high in quality.  Q&E customers appreciate fast moving, simple to learn rules that make gaming fun. If your tired of paying too much for slick packaged games that take a PHD to learn, we’re the company for you.  If you have any comments or wish to place an order you can contact, Clayton Callahan, the General Manager.

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My Brush With Higher Learning


I attended Wright State in the early 90s before I transferred to Miami and graduated. Nevertheless they still consider me one of their own and recently did a story on my writing. It can be found in The Guardian, their student newspaper.  I’m thrilled and humbled and on page seven. http://www.theguardianonline.com/paper-pdf/

Double Dragon Publishing’s Special Offer

Screaming Eagle Bathroom Poster

Double Dragon Publishing Is now running a special on my novel! Tales of The Screaming Eagle is an exciting, and surprisingly human story, about a lost Earth anthropologist from Portland University who’s stranded on a distant world. Fortunately for him, the planet has a really good bar.

This promotion is available through Amazon. As to Double Dragon, their website at: http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/ and will not last forever.
Once again I want to thank everybody for their support. An author is nothing without a reader.
Tales Of The Screaming Eagle will be on sale from September 25 to October 1 for 2.99.


Rose City Comicon In The Rear View Mirror

comicon 4

Rose City Comicon was a frigging zoo. But hey, I like animals. Thousands of people crammed into the Portland Convention Center for a celebration of Geekdom. The cos-play was fantastic as exampled by the steam punk crew of the USS Enterprise or, in true Portland fashion, the all knit super hero costume.comicon 9

As to celebrities, well I’m not one for standing in line to shake hands with someone who I never met before. However, I did meet Thomas Dunder, the author of “The Generalist” series. He writes gritty urban fantasy, I write space opera, and as you can see; we on’t get along at all.comicon 6 I’m happy to say he’s bought a copy of The Writer’s Guide To Adventurous Professions to aid him as his hero navigates the dark and sinister world of New Los Angles. Frank Todd contends with all types of cops, spies and military types…Oh, and demons. Did I mention Demons? I suppose he has another book by somebody else to reference demons.

As for me, I was that guy in the classic Starfleet admiral’s uniform (if your going to dream, dream big). I was not on any panels this time. However, I will be on several this November at Orycon 36. For that occasion my wife wants to get me into some Marvel oriented steam punk costume. We already have a pretty good idea so look sharp for a Victorian Nick Fury and Captain America. I’ll leave you to guess which will be which, but if you can have a female Loki, anything goes. See you there.comicon 7comicon 5comicon 8


Ademral closeup

Knights of The Dinner Table’s Latest

KOTD cover 3

Knights of The Dinner Table is the premier  magazine for the gaming geek. The antics of Brian, Sara, Dave, B.A. and Bob are read by over 30,000 folks worldwide. Well, once again they have published one of my articles. The latest issue (No, 211) has an article called The Top Ten Game Changing Games on page 34. My criteria was that the game in question must have been something uniquely fresh that changed the gaming scene forever.

Do you agree with my choices? Did I miss an important one? Am I simply full of crap? You’ll have to read to find out.




New For Star Run: The Valkyrie Class Starship

In Tales of The Screaming Eagle, Liddy leaves Kilroy not for another man but for another ship. Kilroy’s old Enhance freighter just can’t compete with the sleek modern design of a Valkyrie Class. This ultra modern space craft has all the latest features, including an automated engine room and an auto-navigation AI as part of it’s mainframe. Truly a one man, or one woman, ship, it represents freedom and independence for any spacer lucky enough to be able to afford one. Naturally, such a ship is also perfect for Star Run players so I took the liberty of making the specs available to any and all fans of the game.

Sundancer PlansCrew- 1

Speed- 18 Kilometers per turn

Sensor Range- 100,000 kilometers

Jump Drive- 2 units (primary and spare)

Weapons- None

Airlock- 1

Hull- Unarmored

Cargo- 28 tons

Master Computer- 1

Cost- 984,000 credits

Liddy named hers the Sundancer, and that ship appeared again in the short story Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow (Part of the Sky Warrior Press anthology; How Beer Saved The World). The ship also features prominently in the upcoming novel The Adventures of Crazy Liddy (due to be released by Double Dragon in the summer of 2015). I am now working on another Star Run novel that takes place almost entirely on or around the Sundancer, as Liddy and Jack figure out the best way for two people to own and operate a one man ship.

In the mean time, feel free to craft your own adventures in and around this cool, little ship.



L. Ron Hubbard, Evil, Evil Science Fiction Genious…of Marketing


When the great authors of science fiction are discussed by hard core SF fans, certain names are almost always mentioned. Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, CJ Cheryth, Andre Norton, Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clark rise to the top like bubbles in a glass of fine Champaign. They are the bright luminaries of the art, who’s work is never out of print because they contributed something truly fresh and insightful into the world. Many of them started in “the pulps.” Cheaply produced, short story magazines that were popular from the mid 1920s to about the early 1950s. In these little gems, one can see the beginnings of  a writer’s greatness to come. These early stories were often more about  intriguing situation than characters,  but they still managed to build our understanding of what science fiction can do. For instance, All You Zombies by Heinlein was a break through in time travel fiction as great as HG Wells’ book, The Time Machine.

Alas, for today’s writer, the pulps are gone. Now we live in an age of digital fiction where everyone can become an author…and so everyone does. Now, some pulp authors were clearly better than others, but at least they all had to pass through the hands of a professional editor. These “gatekeepers” could insist that the science fiction they paid for met some kind of minimal standard. But the gatekeepers are now mostly gone, and it’s pure chaos out there. Self published authors are a dime a dozen, and many produce books that use a great cover to hid the terrible prose within. The challenge for the reader then is to find an author who’s work stands out from all the crap  in the market today.

Since the reader can’t go to the pulps anymore to sample their choice of authors, writers are encouraged to “build a platform” to reach the reader. By this, it is meant that the writer should start a blog, a facebook page, a twitter account, anything that will spread the word and create a fan base. This kind of marketing would have boggled the minds of the early masters, who  needed only to concentrate on writing good fiction and let nature take its course. But one man was a pioneer in this field. True, he was a poor writer, condemned to forever toil over pulp stories that were barely acceptable to the editors of the time. But as the pulp age grew to a close in the late 1950s (and his livelihood dried up) his true genius bloomed. There was no facebook or twitter in his day, but that didn’t stop him from successfully creating a platform that would create a large and fanatically devoted fan base; he started a religion. Or, as he sometimes called it, “an alternative to psychiatry.” Through Scientology, he created a flock of mentally vulnerable people (who probably would have sought psychiatric help if not for his luring) and convinced them to spread the word for him. Only after the creation of his religion did L. Ron Hubbard become a best selling author, not of mere short sorties mind you but of books! As the 1950s became the 60s, he finally had a platform sufficient to push his lack-luster talent into the wide world of slick publication.

What are the results of his evil little marketing ploy? Well, years after his death his books are still in print, but only his religious zealots speak well of them. I’ve been going to SF conventions since 1985, and not once have I ever heard his name mentioned. By this I mean not at all, even when bad writers are discussed–his name has never come up in my presence. Critics ether deride or ignore his work, and classes in SF literature forget his existence completely…unless the class is being taught by a Scientologist. My name is small in the world of science fiction authors, and it may never be big (who can tell?). If my work spreads far and wide, I want it to be because it actually makes people happy when they read it. I do blog and facebook, as well as buy the occasional magazine ad, but I will never stoop so low as to abuse and manipulate vulnerable people into thinking I’m some kind of messiah just to sell my books. Maybe I am no genius…but nether am I evil.

Things are going to get CRAZY


If you liked Tales of The Screaming Eagle your in luck. Double Dragon Publishing has just purchased the rights to a spin off book, The Adventures of Crazy Liddy. That’s right, it’s about Kilroy’s old girlfriend. To be frank she was just too bad-assed of a character for me to let go. So I wrote a whole novel about what happens after she walked out of Kilroy’s life. The sassy star pilot gets into a lot of trouble with the law, and the only way out is to go deep into Azanti territory to rescue a lost Naval officer who also happens to be the son of a governor.  A little sex, a lot of violence and quite a bit of humor can be found in this little gem of a book. Sadly, fans will have to wait until the summer of 2015 for its release. Still, that’s plenty of time to finish the first book and play a lot of Star Run in anticipation.