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logo1me-as-kilroy1Clayton Callahan is a science fiction writer, game designer and all around devotee of geek culture. This site is dedicated to promoting all things good in those fields. From gaming to galaxy spanning fiction, this site covers it all. Clayton is the sole proprietor of Quick & Easy Games and this site also serves as an outlet for those products.

Since 2007 Quick and Easy Games has created games that are low in cost but high in quality.  Q&E customers appreciate fast moving, simple to learn rules that make gaming fun. If your tired of paying too much for slick packaged games that take a PHD to learn, we’re the company for you.  If you have any comments or wish to place an order you can contact, Clayton Callahan, the General Manager.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson- Science Hero.

One cannot write science fiction without the inspiration of real space adventure. I aplaud Dr. Tyson for his efforts to move us forward as a nation and as a species.  Cut and paste this address to learn more.




Now in paperback; Tales of The Screaming Eagle

Me Holding Screaming Eagle

Double Dragon Publishing is now offering Tales of The Screaming Eagle in paperback!  Mostly, Double Dragon is an e-book only publisher, but sales of the Star Run novel have been brisk. I am happy to know so many people like my book and am grateful to all my Star Run fans.

Thanks, everybody.

For those who haven’t read the novel, here is a sample of it. Happy reading:


“Set a blocking course. I want Cortez between the Salvation and the unknown ship. Shuttles are to remain with the Salvation and provide all possible protection. I want two drones programmed to deliver my report to Isis, the rest are to be prepped to launch with jump drives engaged but no destination programmed. Make it happen people!”

The Cortez maneuvered to shield the freighter and its over four hundred refugees. The unknown ship not only continued to close the distance, it launched a swarm of small fighter craft in the human ships’ direction. The jump point was twenty-seven minutes away at best speed. Once there, the Salvation would jump into hyperspace and disappear. In no time at all it would appear in the Alpha system. Then, it was hoped, the Confederation Member State of Isis would render assistance. The three navy shuttles would then dock with the Cortez, and it would jump out as well. At least that was the plan, but as they say, no plan ever survives the first shots of any battle.

Once in range, the Azanti ship began to spit plasma bolts at the Cortez while its fighters raked the Salvation. In less than a minute, Cortez lost the shuttle bay and the galley to the super-heated enemy weapons. Regina Corp.’s hull design was never intended to resist plasma cannons; humanity had not developed them yet. Whatever the enemy hit was instantly incinerated, and Burt’s team could only seal off the damage to prevent the ship’s oxygen from venting into space.

Kilroy watched the Salvation get hit by the enemy fighters. He also saw one of the Salvation’s engines explode and fragments trail in the ship’s wake. Then he felt a shudder, as a plasma bolt ripped through the Cortez’s gym sending all the fine equipment into space.

Captain Cho Li wasn’t going to take any of this laying down. “Launch all drones! Send the two with my report to the jump point. The rest are to screen the Salvation. When enemy craft are within ten kilometers, activate the drone’s jump drives!”

Kilroy heard the order and turned to Dumire. “Lieutenant, what the hell is that all about? Unless they’re at a jump point, the jump drives will catastrophically fail. Space-time will fold in on itself. What’s the point?”

“The point Matterson, is that when they do, the ripple will destroy the drones and everything within a ten kilometer radius or more. The captain is laying a mine field.” Dumire watched the tactical display as the drones deployed, and Cortez launched a missile barrage at the big enemy ship.

The war cruiser’s numerous plasma cannons shot down most of the missiles. The few that weren’t hit, seemed to strike an invisible wall and explode harmlessly. “Holy shit! They have a force field!” Gunner Gift exclaimed.

Kilroy saw it too. Force fields were only theoretically possible to human science, but not to the Azanti. He also watched the action around the Salvation. The drones destroyed a few enemy fighters but the shuttles were fighting in vain. The brave shuttle pilots engaged the faster, more powerful enemy fighters but did no real damage. The Azanti fighters were simply too well armored for the Navy lasers to have much effect. The shuttles were ripped apart by the foe’s plasma cannons. All three shuttles and their crews were gone within two horrible minutes. The enemy fighters now had a clear shot on the wounded heavy freighter, and its cargo of refugees.

“Concentrate all weapons systems on the enemy fighters! We will defend that freighter at all costs!” At the captain’s order, all four of Cortez’s laser turrets swung away from the enemy cruiser and started shooting at the Azanti fighters. A missile barrage that had been programmed to launch at the cruiser was automatically redirected as well.

“Sir,” Chief Hauss spoke up, “if all our weapons are protecting the Salvation, what will we do to protect ourselves?”

“Nothing.” Cho Li answered.

The missiles launched, and Kilroy cheered when he saw a handful of the small enemy ships explode. The Salvation got closer to the jump point but was not there yet. At current speed the refugees would escape to hyperspace in less than five minutes. Then, Kilroy heard the deafening boom of the main bridge exploding above him. All his redundant controls suddenly became primary. Everyone on the main bridge was now dead.

As Captain Cho Li’s plump body drifted into space, Lieutenant Dumire assumed command of the CJS Cortez. Or at least, what was left of it.

“Matterson, plot a course to intercept the big enemy ship. I want maximum thrust now! Gift, I want all lasers to keep targeting the enemy fighters. If we have any more missiles, launch ‘em now. God damn it, those fuckers are not going to kill any more civilians!”

Kilroy plotted the course. He wasn’t an idiot; he knew what kind of intercept Dumire was intending. She might as well have shouted banzai! This was a kamikaze run. He entered the numbers in the navigation comp anyway.

Taking a dry gulp he said, “Course plotted, you have the stick.”

Dumire began to steer the Cortez on its final vector but didn’t get far. The ship was ripped apart by another plasma barrage a moment later. The lights went out and the ship shook with the explosions. Monitors were ripped off the bulkheads by the concussion, and the artificial gravity went offline. In the flickering light of the navigation controls, Kilroy saw small globes of blood drift past his face.

Gift was dead. A fire extinguisher had been knocked off its bracket and smashed open the gunner’s skull. Kilroy unbuckled himself from his seat and floated over to the pressure door. It had been warped by the explosion and wouldn’t budge. Lieutenant Dumire and Kilroy were trapped in the disabled auxiliary bridge of a dying ship.

Battlefields: From First to Second Editon

2nd Edition Cover


It’s done!

New photography that will knock your socks off, fewer typos and a few rules clarifications. I am now proud to offer the revised edition of Battlefields: from Broadswords to Bullets. Our extremely popular and well reviewed miniatures game is now better than ever thanks to our friends at The Swamp Gaming Crew. This straightforward set of easy to play rules for HO scale model soldiers is only available as our PDF version at this time. Still, I’m finding more and more that many folks prefer the digital format to print. Unfortunately, the print version is still first edition so if that is what you order, that is what we’ll send.

Still, once you download it you can print it off or not. I would only caution you to ensure your printer has a full tank of toner as the artwork uses a lot of the stuff. The price of the game has not, and will not change. So go ahead, enjoy your wargame in any period you prefer, from the Babylonians vs. the Assyrians to the Survivors vs. the Zombie horde.

My Influences

influences (6)


In interviews, rock stars are often asked, “What are your influences.” Paul McCartney might answer by saying how much Elvis inspired him in his early career.  I have similarly heard Hugo Award winning author Spider Robinson describe the influence Robert A. Heinlein had on his writing. My influences are of the less lofty type.

Both as a game designer and as a science fiction author, my creativity was given first flight while playing fantasy and science fiction games in the 1980s. It was a great period for creativity in the gaming industry. Many a small company formed around a single game system and pushed their ideas out into the world…and my generation ate it up. We would spend hours designing our own worlds and characters, and then launch ourselves into great adventure over soda pop and potato chips. Before learning the martial art or sword fighting in the SCA, I played Dungeons and Dragons. Years before I went to work in army intelligence, I played Top Secret. And decades before I started writing science fiction, I game mastered Traveler and Star Frontiers.

True, I was writing games of my own back then too (Star Run began as a series of chicken scratches in an old spiral notebook that I was supposed to use for math class). Back then, my early games were only slight departures from “professionally produced” games I’d played before.

Ironically, there was a movement of concerned parents back then who tried to ban those games. Some joined groups like Mad About Dungeons & Dragons, but most just listened to the fears of right-wing preachers and called it wisdom. Role playing games were called “demonic” and mentioned next to sex and drugs when lists of social ills were rattled off from the pulpit. I clearly remember a friend’s father denouncing D&D because it was, “Nothing but casting spells on each other!” At the time I was shocked that an adult could be so stupid as to believe such “spells” as could be found in the Player’s Handbook were real.

So here I am, thirty years later, with a wife and kids, and a house in the suburbs. At age 46 I’m still creating worlds and characters. I honestly believe playing those games to be one of the best experiences of my life and am proud to include MegaTraveller among my influences.

World Famous in Oregon



I was recently interviewed by Shannon Wells of the Beaverton Valley Times. I got to say, it was a lot of fun and a great experience. He was very interested in my writing and wanted to do a sorry about how my military experience translates into my work. We talked a lot about Tales of The Screaming Eagle and The Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Professions.  Shannon was very polite and his questions insightful. His photographer, Jon House, also snapped some snazzy pics that actually make me look pretty smart. You can read the article on the link below.


Battlefields: from Broadswords to Bullets, second edition due out soon


A comander Leading a fightI am currently working on the second edition of our very popular miniatures game. For this effort, our customer’s feed back was extremely helpful. I got some great rules tips from the fans and will be implementing many of them (while keeping the game as simple as possible). Other than a few rules tweaks, many of the fans asked that I do some better artwork for this project. Artwork, in this case, meant lots of photographs of HO scale models.

Here is a sneak peek of some of that photography:

Pirate Captain


In Cover


Stopping Vehicles


Independence Day Gaming Special!


Cover Screaming EagleAs a way of celebrating the 4th of July, and thanking our customers, Quick And Easy Games is offering a special give-away deal. Any purchase received between the hours of 12:00am July 4, 2014 and 11:59pm will include a free copy of the Star Run novel, Tales of The Screaming Eagle. The book is published by Double Dragon and sells for $5.99 on Amazon, but it’s yours FREE with any purchase, of any product, you buy on the fourth of July. It’s a gamer oriented, gamer inspired space opera adventure set in the best bar in the galaxy, what’s not to love? Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Available as an e-book only.