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logo1me-as-kilroy1Clayton Callahan is a science fiction writer, game designer and all around devotee of geek culture. This site is dedicated to promoting all things good in those fields. From gaming to galaxy spanning fiction, this site covers it all. Clayton is the sole proprietor of Quick & Easy Games and this site also serves as an outlet for those products.

Since 2007 Quick and Easy Games has created games that are low in cost but high in quality.  Q&E customers appreciate fast moving, simple to learn rules that make gaming fun. If your tired of paying too much for slick packaged games that take a PHD to learn, we’re the company for you.  If you have any comments or wish to place an order you can contact, Clayton Callahan, the General Manager.

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Orycon 36

Orycon 36

I am fortunate to have been invited to take part as a panelist at this year’s Orycon in Portland, Oregon. It’s a pretty big convention with a small con feel. I’ve enjoyed going to it for years now and am thrilled that they want to hear my opinions on sci-fi and related stuff. Now that I’ve published Tales of The Screaming Eagle and The Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Professions I guess they figure I’ve got something to talk about (although my wife will tell you I never stop talking).

If you wish to catch me, my schedule is:

Slug throwers and stun guns

 Hawthorne Room           Fri Nov 7 2:00pm-3:00pm

All about firearms past and present, and plus some less lethal stuff

        thrown in and a willingness to speculate about the future.  Bring your

        questions and our panelists will answer (or direct you to a good

        resource.) Steve Perry, (*)Clayton Callahan, Bob Brown, Bart Kemper

Give Peace a Chance

Idaho Room               Fri Nov 7 4:00pm-5:00pm

What do we need to do for lasting peace?  Do we want it?  What are the

        advantages and disadvantages, and can we sell an entire planet on the

        idea? Andrew Nisbet Nisbet, Clayton Callahan, Wynne Tegyn, (*)Bob Brown, Bart


Going to a Game Con

Lincoln Room             Sat Nov 8 12:00pm-1:00pm

What’s different from showing up at OryCon and plonking yourself in the

        game room. Clayton Callahan, Daniel Reitman, (*)Debra Stansbury

Writing the Opposite Gender: Is It Really That Hard?

Morrison  Room           Sat Nov 8 2:00pm-3:00pm

Men can’t write women, and women can’t write men–or so the story

        goes…  (*)Rhiannon Louve, Sheila Simonson, Clayton Callahan, Judith R. Conly

Decline and Fall

Hamilton Room           Sat Nov 8 3:00pm-4:00pm

At what point does society stop being civilized?

        Clayton Callahan, Judith R. Conly, (*)Manny Frishberg, Kristin Landon, Marshall

        Ryan Maresca

Soldiers of the Past and Future

Hawthorne Room           Sat Nov 8 6:00pm-7:00pm

Using historical military models in F&SF

        (*)Clayton Callahan, SPEEDWING; Lightship Chronicles Series, Andrew Nisbet

Organizing a Successful Critique Group

Hamilton Room            Sun Nov 9 10:00am-11:00am

A good critique group can make or break a writer.  Different types of

        critique groups, the lifespan of a group, ground rules, ideal numbers,


        Clayton Callahan, (*)Erica L. Satifka,

Star Run Print Version Now in Limited Supply

Star Run Physical copy

Quick and Easy Games has a limited supply of Star Run books left. No, really, I mean tiny tiny. I used to sell this game for about $17.00 and I have seen it re-sold on Amazon for as much as $25,00. But here’s the thing. Now that the PDF version is doing so well I have no need to do another print run. So Q&E Games is having a sort of “Fire Sale.”

Now, a printed copy of our classic space opera role playing game costs only $10.00. That’s right $10.00 until they’re gone. This just covers the original print costs and shipping from my point of view and represents quite a deal from everybody else’s. Can you re-sell it for $25.00 as a collectors item? Perhaps, you certainly have my permission to try. But maybe you just would rather have the actual book in your hands when you play Star Run? In ether case, this is a once in a lifetime offer. When the last copy sells, that’s all she wrote.

Starblazers, hokey, but good.

starblazersBack in the 1970s my brother and I used to get up early every weekday morning to catch a show called Starblazers. This was long before the term “Anime” was a thing. To be honest, we didn’t even know the show was from Japan and probably wouldn’t have cared if we did. To us it was just a great space adventure with lots of action and an exciting story line. Years go by…

It seems I’m not the only one who remembers that old show. Like all the campy classics of sci-fi (I’m talking to you Lost In Space) it has a dedicated fan following that has kept it alive over the years. Alive and thriving perhaps, because it now has a live action movie in it’s name.


It doesn’t take a great historian to see where the originators of this space opera got their ideas; made in Japan in the 1970s, with survivors of the American bombardment still around, the inspiration is obvious. In this story, the Earth is being bombarded into an uninhabitable ball of rock by the alien Gamilons, but there is hope! A strange message arrives from the distant planet of Iscandar promising a gift called “cosmic DNA” that will restore Earth to life, all humanity has to do is go and get it. With resources stretched to their limits, the people of Earth use an ancient battle ship’s hulk to construct a starship capable of reaching Iscandar before it’s too late.  The ship to be resurrected? The Yamato!

Perhaps the greatest battleship ever built, the Imperial Japanese Ship Yamato boated the largest ship cannon in history (19″ muzzle width compared to the American battleship’s 16″…size does matter). In the American version of the show the ship is called the Argo which, perhaps,  compares cosmic DNA to the Golden Flees.

The live action movie is unapologeticly Japanese. Witch is fine by me as America saves the world in every other film, I figure it’s about time some other country got a turn. Themes of courage and self sacrifice run through both the cartoon, and the live action film, as our heroes take a very samurai attitude to serving in a space navy. To be frank, they over do it at many points and the show can get a bit hokey. That being said, Starblazers is still a great space opera with a lot of well done characters and daring do. If you have an hour or so to kill and a bowl of popcorn, I recommend you click on the link above and enjoy.

My Brush With Higher Learning


I attended Wright State in the early 90s before I transferred to Miami and graduated. Nevertheless they still consider me one of their own and recently did a story on my writing. It can be found in The Guardian, their student newspaper.  I’m thrilled and humbled and on page seven. http://www.theguardianonline.com/paper-pdf/

Double Dragon Publishing’s Special Offer

Screaming Eagle Bathroom Poster

Double Dragon Publishing Is now running a special on my novel! Tales of The Screaming Eagle is an exciting, and surprisingly human story, about a lost Earth anthropologist from Portland University who’s stranded on a distant world. Fortunately for him, the planet has a really good bar.

This promotion is available through Amazon. As to Double Dragon, their website at: http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/ and will not last forever.
Once again I want to thank everybody for their support. An author is nothing without a reader.
Tales Of The Screaming Eagle will be on sale from September 25 to October 1 for 2.99.


Rose City Comicon In The Rear View Mirror

comicon 4

Rose City Comicon was a frigging zoo. But hey, I like animals. Thousands of people crammed into the Portland Convention Center for a celebration of Geekdom. The cos-play was fantastic as exampled by the steam punk crew of the USS Enterprise or, in true Portland fashion, the all knit super hero costume.comicon 9

As to celebrities, well I’m not one for standing in line to shake hands with someone who I never met before. However, I did meet Thomas Dunder, the author of “The Generalist” series. He writes gritty urban fantasy, I write space opera, and as you can see; we on’t get along at all.comicon 6 I’m happy to say he’s bought a copy of The Writer’s Guide To Adventurous Professions to aid him as his hero navigates the dark and sinister world of New Los Angles. Frank Todd contends with all types of cops, spies and military types…Oh, and demons. Did I mention Demons? I suppose he has another book by somebody else to reference demons.

As for me, I was that guy in the classic Starfleet admiral’s uniform (if your going to dream, dream big). I was not on any panels this time. However, I will be on several this November at Orycon 36. For that occasion my wife wants to get me into some Marvel oriented steam punk costume. We already have a pretty good idea so look sharp for a Victorian Nick Fury and Captain America. I’ll leave you to guess which will be which, but if you can have a female Loki, anything goes. See you there.comicon 7comicon 5comicon 8


Ademral closeup

Knights of The Dinner Table’s Latest

KOTD cover 3

Knights of The Dinner Table is the premier  magazine for the gaming geek. The antics of Brian, Sara, Dave, B.A. and Bob are read by over 30,000 folks worldwide. Well, once again they have published one of my articles. The latest issue (No, 211) has an article called The Top Ten Game Changing Games on page 34. My criteria was that the game in question must have been something uniquely fresh that changed the gaming scene forever.

Do you agree with my choices? Did I miss an important one? Am I simply full of crap? You’ll have to read to find out.