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It’s Ready And It’s Free

Space Battle

Yea! It’s done, we have Space Battles available as a free PDF download. Take a look at our catalog page, and you’ll find a free miniatures wargame. It uses HO scale (1/72nd) model science fiction soldiers made by Dark Dreams Studio and buildings available from Riveresco. The game is fast moving, simple and fun…oh, and it’s FREE!

New Book By Clayton Callahan To Be Released

Copy of cover2

About seven years ago, I had this idea to write a guide  that would described the  the military for gamers. As a veteran of the US Army and Navy I certainly felt qualified and I knew that most gamer’s enjoy military oriented RPGs and wargames. The Gamer’s Guide To The Military described everything a gamer would need to know from military history to, rank structures, to the tactics for all four US services. The book even went on to describe the organization of rebel and terrorist groups, how they think and how they fight. As one of my first writing attempts, it was plagued by typos but nonetheless it became quite popular . In fact, I was amazed when a panelist at Orycon held it up as the best military resource she had ever found (while I sat in the audience with my jaw agape), I had never even met her before! But what really floored me was the fact that I sold out of The Gamer’s Guide To The Military and was forced to go to the printers for a second run (this time with hardly any typos…I swear).Gamer's Guide CoverArt

Well the new edition has been selling pretty well too, so I decided to kick it up a notch and pitch the idea to Sky Warrior books, only as a guide for writers this time. You see, most writers have never served in the military, worked in law enforcement or had a career in intelligence work…but I have. So I pitched the idea to the big boys and they went for it. Sky Warrior books is now preparing The Writer’s Guide To Adventurous Professions for publication.  It follows the model of the Gamer’s Guide but includes law enforcement and intelligence work. I even got my neighbor Robert Lee to co-author it. He started out life as a US Navy jet fighter pilot in Vietnam and went on to work as a policeman for over 18 years after that.  Honestly, I can’t think of an angle we haven’t covered (he even worked as a firefighter for a while and me as a prison guard).

imagesI will be sure to keep you posted as this little gem nears publication. In the mean time, I am preparing a PDF version of the Gamer’s Guide and should have it ready by the end of the month.


Space Battles To Be Released In One Week


Space Battles at Gamestorm 005

We had a great time playtesting Space Battles at Gamestorm. I got a lot of good suggestions from the gamers at the con and have taken them to heart. Right now I am finishing the final draft and expect to have it available as a free PDF download next Monday, April 14, 2014. Space Battles at Gamestorm 006

People were generally surprised that such good looking miniatures were on the market with no game rules available for them. Dark Dreams Studios “Space battles” figures are available wherever HO scale (1/72nd) model soldiers are sold. I got mine at Bridgetown Hobbies in Portland, Oregon. If you don’t see them on the shelf however, most stores can order them for you. I even found a review of this product at: www.plasticsoldierreview.com/ShowFeature.aspx?id=54 Space Battles at Gamestorm 007

In keeping with Q&E Games tradition, the miniatures are not expensive and go for pennies compared to Games Workshop’s Warhammer figures. We hope you enjoy painting up these good looking figs and that the game brings you and your friends closer some pleasant evening.

By the way, If you can’t buy or order them at your local hobby shop they can be found at: http://www.megahobby.com/darkdreamstudioseriesspacebattlesset2flyingvehicleunmannedaerialvehiclelightscootermustangmk1mk2w3figures172orionfigures.aspx

New Zine on the SF Scene: SciFi Max


Noted SF artist Peter Saga has just launched his latest project; an on-line magazine for the gaming science fiction fan. He’s including some amazing short stories, as well as RPG game scenarios and other dazzling features. He’s even included a popular TZ’s Pizza delivery scenario challenging players to sneak into the headquarters of the “Men In Dark Suits” to feed hungry aliens and fight for a good tip.

To be honest, I’m blown away by the amazing artwork and cool professionalism of this first issue. SciFi Max is looking like a winner for a long time to come. I am also humbled that he included one of my short stories in this project.

For Star Run fans, he even included a set of deck plans that can be adapted to the game quick and easy like:


story page w: text

Check it out.


Good bye Gamestorm–for now

Space Battles at Gamestorm 003

Gamestorm 16 was a blast. I had a lot of fun and certainly met some great people.  Special thanks goes out to; David Anderson, Nick Huntington, Nate Marcel, Anthony Michaud, and Jacob Schultz for helping with the play-testing of Space Battles. I will be going over the notes we made in the net week or two and then I plant to publish the game as a free PDF.

Keep gaming!

The VFW..In Space!

As part of my personal mission to point out what’s cool in science fiction I would like to tell you about Veterans of Future Wars. I’ts a very good anthology of military SF with some of the best authors in the business, like former US Army Lt Colonel, Ted Blasche.

Stories range from a daring admiral seeking to save Earth’s last colony ship from religious fanatics, to a colonel with a heavy heart facing down an alien invasion, or a displaced sergeant seeking to rekindle freedom in the 31st century. The stories of the Future Wars, and the Veterans who fight them make for very good reading indeed.

Check it out at: http://www.amazon.com

Playtest at Gamestorm

Space Battles

Well, I’ve got it ready. Now all I need is your input. I will set up in the miniatures room on Friday and Saturday afternoon at Gamestorm next weekend. It will be a pickup game affair and anyone and everyone is welcome to chip in their two cents. See you there!