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Since 2007 Quick and Easy Games has created games that are low in cost but high in quality.  Q&E customers appreciate fast moving, simple to learn rules that make gaming fun. If your tired of paying too much for slick packaged games that take a PHD to learn, we’re the company for you.  If you have any comments or wish to place an order you can contact, Clayton Callahan, the General Manager.

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Crazy Liddy, now lose on the world!

 Amazon- Crazy Liddy

My newest book just his the shelves on Amazon, Books-a-Million, and iTunes. Paper copies can be purchased directly from Double Dragon Publishing!

      This time the fair maiden must rescue prince charming–but she will sucker punch anyone who calls her either of those things.
Liddy is a convicted smuggler with one chance at a pardon. A young lieutenant, who happens to be the governor’s son, is missing in action. To succeed, she must form an alliance with the cop who arrested her, and fly deep into alien territory to get the job done. Nothing about this mission is easy; at every turn Liddy must push her courage, her resourcefulness, and her trust to the limit just to survive.
In the end, there can be only one way to bring the governor’s son and his fellow survivors home, but it’s going to take a starpilot who’s truly crazy to pull it off.

R. R. Washburn, author of Seraphim Ascent had this to say;
     “Wild and fun as you would expect picking up The Adventures of Crazy Liddy, this story will take you on a buddy cop ride through space with a dynamic cast of characters and an equally enjoyable titular protagonist. This is one galactic adventure that’ll keep you strapped in to the end!”

Things Are About to Get Crazy!

2-crazy-liddy-510For those of you who love a rousing space adventure, I offer The Adventures of Crazy Liddy. Due to be released by Double Dragon Publishing next week (The week of April 20, 2015), it’s a spin off novel based on Tales of The Screaming Eagle.

Since it’s not a sequel, you don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy this treat (although why wouldn’t you?). The story follows Kilroy’s ex-girlfriend as she sets out on her own wild journey across the galaxy to rescue a lost prince form evil Azanti marauders.

I hope you like it.

Now on Sale at Amazon- Tales of The Screaming Eagle

Amazon has temporarily reduced the price on the book Tales of The Screaming Eagle by yours truly. What was selling for $6.99 is now $5.39. Honestly, I have no control over how Amazon works and don’t know how long the price of this novel will be sold at 23% off the cover price. With that in mind, if you like good old fashioned character driven science fiction with plenty of starship battles and lots of of beer I recommend you take advantage of this deal.

Simply click on the link below to check it out.


Gorge Lucas’ Rough Draft Very Rough Indeed

photo (10)Like my selfie? It’s my first…maybe it makes me look fat? Must be something wrong with the iPhone.

Anyway, I just had the opportunity to read Gorge Lucas’ original draft of “The Star War” in comic book form thanks to my son. It seems Dark Horse recently took a crack at putting that rough manuscript in the best possible light. With artwork inspired by Star Wars original concept art, Dark Horse produced a beautiful looking comic…with a so-so story.

Not Dark Horses’ fault! The bare truth of the matter is, young Gorge had a long way to go in his writing career. O”h really,” you might think to yourself, “tell us more oh wise one of the one published SF novel fame.”

Okay, I will.

First off the pacing is terrible. We have Imperial X-wings flying against the Death Star in Act One and Wookies piloting Y-wings against the same station in Act Three. And holey plot holes, Batman, the Wookies have a lot better luck despite only having learned to fly a few hours ago., the story has no clear protagonist. Is this the tale of General Skywalker, the aged Bantu Jedi? Or perhaps young Aitkin Starkiller, who is in all the scenes Skywalker is not, is our hero?

So why am I referring to a Star Wars comic in terms of Act One, Two or Three. Simple; the “three act play” is one of the most common structures of any story you happen to read or see on the screen. Not an accident, the format is so common because it works very well.

I often describe the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) as the perfect three act play. It opens Act One with threat (big fracken star destroyer), introduces the characters and wraps the act up nicely when the Millennium Falcon  blasts it’s way out of Moss Eisley Spaceport. Act Two smacks us right off with the first catastrophe (Alderan destroyed) and sends us chasing through he Death Star to rescue the princess. Act Three gives us the second catastrophe right up front (Empire finds Rebel base) and proceeds to give us a great climax as the Death Star goes boom–the end, roll credits.

We have no real plot holes in this movie. Luke establishes he’s “not such a bad pilot himself” when we first meet Han in the cantina. Therefore when the finial battle commences, it’s reasonable to assume Luke can fly a space fighter.

Guiding us through the three acts is our clear protagonist; Luke. Luke is quite the dynamic character. He begins in Act One as the ignorant farm boy who dreams of adventure, and ends as the heroic combat veteran who’s learned to trust The Force.

In a way, it’s comforting to know old Gorge started out like the rest of us. He had lots of good ideas and he was brave enough to take the risk of throwing those ideas on the page and show his writing to others. Happily, he had the humility to take advice from others as well. Form a disorganized mess, came a clear narrative of one of Hollywood’s most iconic achievements. Too bad he didn’t have that same humility when it came time to pen the prequel trilogy.

Personally. I blame Jar-Jar.




Latest and Greatest Issue of SciFi Max is Here– and It’s Cyberpunk, Baby!


This is a science fiction magazine with an amazing look and some great articles and stories. It is published occasionally by artist and one-man show Peter Saga who has done a lot of work for Quick and Easy Games. This issue is dedicated to cyber punk, so if that’s your jam, I definitely recommend you check it out at A friend of mine has just released another issue of SciFi Max. The look alone in amazing and he’s got some GREAT articles and short stories. This issue is dedicated to cyber-punk, so if that’s your jam do check it out at: