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logo1Clayton J. CallahanClayton Callahan is a science fiction writer, game designer and all around devotee of geek culture. This site is dedicated to promoting all things good in those fields. From gaming to galaxy spanning fiction, this site covers it all. Clayton is the sole proprietor of Quick & Easy Games and this site also serves as an outlet for those products.

Since 2007 Quick and Easy Games has created games that are low in cost but high in quality.  Q&E customers appreciate fast moving, simple to learn rules that make gaming fun. If your tired of paying too much for slick packaged games that take a PHD to learn, we’re the company for you.  If you have any comments or wish to place an order you can contact, Clayton Callahan, the General Manager.

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A Tripie Trip Down Memory Lane

Basic D&D cover

Anybody remember this?

This was the first exposure to role playing that my generation had (yes, I’m that old…moving on). This is TSR’s Basic Dungeons and Dragons. What you see pictured her is my original copy, purchased in 1980 (thanks Mom). I recently re-discovered it on my book shelf and decided to dust it off and give it a go. I got a bunch of good friends and family together and we rolled up characters for some old school D&D action!

How did it go? Well…

For one thing, we all learned just how far gaming has come in thirty five years. This system was/is extremely clunky and hard to navigate. This was D&D 0.0 and dwarf, elf, and halfling were considered to be character classes.D&D Classes Oh, and by the way, an elf could basically do anything any other class could do but thieving skills. There was also no consistent roll to succeed at tasks. Rolls to hit, saving throws, use of non-combat skills had nothing in common. As to character alignments (the only real nod toward character personality), you had three choices; lawful, neutral and evil, and each was rigidly defined.

It would have been handy if all the charts and tables had been on one page…but no. My players and I spent a lot of time flipping through the old, crinkly book for the right to hit roll or saving throw. Honestly, I’m not sure how this game grew to be so popular in the first place. By modern standards, it’s a disaster.

But let’s step back a bit. I had a lot of fun playing this game back in the 80’s. My buddies and I would just make up rules to fill the nonsense gaps and we had a ball with this new concept of a “role playing game.” In short, it was a start. Soon after came Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, followed by an almost endless stream of new editions. So lets show some respect to Mr Gygax’s clunky creation.

As the saying goes: You have to start somewhere.



Three Out of Three Give It A Five!

2-crazy-liddy-510Crazy Liddy has been on Amazon’s e-book shelves for just over a month now but the response has been outstanding. All of the reviews thus far are “five stars” and people genuinely seem to love the novel.

5 stars

Diana said:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’d describe it as a space-opera – fast-paced, brimming with non-stop action and wry humor. The characters have distinctive voices that made me laugh aloud. The Adventures of Crazy Liddy is a spin-off of Callahan’s first novel, Tales of the Screaming Eagle, where Liddy has a small role as Kilroy’s girlfriend. It’s not a sequel, so readers don’t need to have read the first to enjoy this ride.
Sheri called it:
A fun story for any who likes fast-paced scifi, wry humor, and a kick ass female protagonist.
And Tim commented that:
Callahan’s writing possesses his usual wry humor, his story a constant stream of action and laugh-out-loud moments. Highly recommended.
I am grateful to everyone who took the time to write a review. A writer is nothing without his fans…just ask Gorge Lucas.

Have a free game on me

2nd Edition CoverIf you go to “Our Catalog” page right now you will notice something unusual. My miniatures wargame, Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets, is no being offered for FREE. This offer will last only for the month of June 2015. It is adapted for HO scale model soldiers and is extremely flexible and fast moving.

Enrico Nardidi, of  Play Unplugged had this to say about the game:

“In the end, it is the simple core mechanics coupled with modifiers that makes this game so customizable. I’d been wanting to do some Roman vs. Celt skirmish gaming, and I’ve already thought of the relevant modifiers I could use. It was quite fun just thinking of things to add to make a custom variation of these rules for my specific need. It’s very empowering and reminds us that any set of rules we pick up can be changed to fit the needs of the user.

In addition to these rules, Battlefields includes an advanced rules section. This section includes variety of rules for things like destroying terrain pieces or playing in a fantasy setting. This offers some examples of how the rules can be customized to fit your needs and is good for inspiration even if you never end up using what is presented there.”

See you at the Con


It’s happened again. Orycon has once more lowered their standards and invited me to be a guest speaker at Portland’s primer science fiction convention. I had a blast last time, serving on panels with some amazing personalities in the SF field.

Hope to see everybody there in November!

New On Amazon

Amazon cover immage

I’ve recently updated one of my e-books on Amazon. It’s a short story about space smuggler Jack Galloway; a man who’s got a pretty sweet gig sneaking beer past the Isis Regime. He’s doing well and soon will have his ship paid off, as long as he minds his own business…

The book also contains a sample chapter from Tales of The Screaming Eagle and a teaser for my upcoming novel, Crazy Lucky. This is a great introduction to the Star Run universe through fiction and is sure to give the errant game master plenty of ideas.

Right now, it’s available for under a buck so please, give it a look. You won’t be disappointed.


Nexus Games Rocks

Nexus Games- fan2

I just spent a great evening at Nexus Games in Gresham Oregon. I Seriously had no idea so many people were crazy about my games and novels. Although I was just demonstrating Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets, folks were fascinated by Star Run as well as the book Tales of The Screaming Eagle.  One guy told me he was having so much fun with Star Run’s flexibility that he was running Klingon Jedi in his universe…to which the author said, “Awesome!”

Nexus Games-Tristan

One fellow by the name of Tristan told me he’d been playing Quick and Easy Wargame (the predecessor to Battlefields) since he was ten years old. Now that’s a fan who got his moneys worth (see him holding battered, taped up copy).

Nexus Games- Colonial Battle

Honestly, I can’t say enough nice things about Nexus Games and it’s manager Chris Slovic.  It’s a wonderful little game store whit a lively crowd and a lot of camaraderie. If your lucky enough to live in the Portland Oregon area, you need to check this place out. They have a great selection of all things geek and are an extremely welcoming gang to hang out with.

To my friends at Nexus Games all I can say is, “thanks.” You guys are incredible.

Nexus Games-Medival BattleMap to Nexus Games

In Stores Now

Well, we’re growing. Spreading those notional wings, and flying onto the shelves.

As for fiction, the SF novel Tales of The Screaming Eagle is now available in hard-copy at Portland, Oregon’s largest book store: Powell’s 
Powells-1-1024x768 With two locations (one in Portland the other in Beaverton, Oregon) Powell’s is the kind of independent mega store dreams are made of. And now they have my book, right next to Orson Scott Card’s (by the way, I met him at an SF con in Indianapolis back in the 1980’s…weird guy).Powells' Tales of The Screaming Eagle

As to gaming, Quick and Easy Games are now available in a more cozy venue. Nexus Games in Gresham, Oregon now has a rack dedicated exclusively to Star Run, Battlefields, and other Quick and Easy Games products.

Nexus Games Store Exterior

As cool as it is to peruse through Powell’s mountain of books, I like Nexus Games as a place to meet and greet my fellow geeks. It’s a very friendly little game shop and they always have something going on. In fact, there will be a demo game of Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets there at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, May 27th.

I hope to see you there. Nexus Games Shelf